A giant leap for the digital dental future – launch of the new and groundbreaking 4.2 upgrade for Ceramill Mind & Match

With the 4.2 Upgrade of our Ceramill Mind and Match Software, the focus of our new features was once again on the core principles of in-house production and thus also on the vision of Amann Girrbach.


We are truly delighted to be bringing you new features, improvements and functionalities that support the very heart of that vision – expansion of in-house capability and intuitive functionality, which makes working in the digital Amann Girrbach ecosystem an experience and joy for you. This upgrade will enable you to use your Ceramill System to its fullest potential, within the open, fully digital and fully integrated Amann Girrbach workflow. You will be able to surprise your customers with a complete, next generation in-house production offering, with unmatched precision and quality. Besides a long list of additional features, the proudest we are of:

  • Titanium milling with the Ceramill Matik in unmatched precision and quality to unlock an incredible return on your machine investment
  • SPEEDLINING, our revolutionary high-speed cut-grind-process for block material; which delivers better results in block material up to nearly 50% faster
  • THE WORLD’S FIRST IMPLANT APPROVED FOR DIGITAL RESTORATIONS WITHOUT ABUTMENT: Integration of Matrix Implants by Tri Implants Systems in the Amann Girrbach workflow
  • Fully digital and validated Amann Girrbach workflow for printing implant models and printable lab analogues
  • A long list of CAD and CAM features such as AI supported design of bridges, nesting simulations and stamping of crowns

We hope you are as excited as we are and can’t wait to see these new features coming to life through you and your work!

You can find all highlights and a detailed information in our Newsflyer here

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